Tiger 10k is partnership between LSU Athletics and FRESHJUNKIE Racing that brings together all the tradition, pomp and circumstance of LSU Football and Tiger Stadium into a fun, festive road race event. The goal of the event is to give the entire LSU community; fans, students, alumni, faculty and staff, no matter age or ability, an opportunity to complete their journey in Tiger Stadium. An opportunity to make their mark on that hallowed ground where so many have left theirs. We appreciate the support from our community and corporate partners.


In beautiful Baton Rouge, Bayonne at Southshore sits perfectly on University Lakes–within walking distance to Louisiana State University and numerous districts. Ideal for graduate students, faculty members, and alumni, Bayonne at Southshore is the most luxurious gated apartment community near LSU. With impeccable views from sunup to sun-down, we know you will find more than an apartment, rather a place to call home.



POWERADE ION4® helps replenish four electrolytes lost in sweat. It’s formulated with a 6% carbohydrate solution (w/v) to help provide energy to working muscles and vitamins B3, B6 & B12 to help support energy metabolism.



Make yourself comfy. Because we’re Judgement Free. It doesn’t matter if your legs have never seen a squat machine before. We believe how you work out is totally up to you. Take advantage of our unlimited fitness training programs or just do your own thing on the treadmill, we’ll cheer you on either way – if you’re in our house you deserve a little cred just for being here.

We believe no one should ever feel Gymtimidated by Lunky behavior and that everyone should feel at ease in our gyms, no matter what his or her workout goals are. And everyone should have access to lots of nice new equipment and feel comfortable asking for help. With all of these great benefits under one roof, we like to say:

We’re not a gym. We’re Planet Fitness.


LSU is the flagship institution of the Louisiana State University System. In 2017, the university enrolled over 25,000 undergraduate and over 5,000 graduate students in 14 schools and colleges. LSU’s athletics department fields teams in 21 varsity sports (9 men’s, 12 women’s), and is a member of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) and the SEC (Southeastern Conference).


FRESHJUNKIE Racing is a brand committed to healthy living. We are a brand of dreamers and doers, of believers, achievers and go-getters; FRESHJUNKIE Racing is more than a company name, it’s our motto. As a race production company we harness the essence of that motto as we focus on the small details of a race as well as the big picture to ensure that the athletes and spectators have a great experience that’s fun, memorable and worth coming back for year after year.

In addition to putting on races, we also offer coaching to endurance athletes. From your first 5K to crossing the finish line of your first Ironman and every goal in between we can help you get there and have fun while doing it. We work hard, train hard, & race hard and never lose focus on our WHY – the reason we started doing this to begin with – because we love it .


The Louisiana Air National Guard has three main bases across the state located in Hammond, New Orleans and Pineville. They perform six unique missions training and preparing the citizen-airman to respond to the Governor of Louisiana for state emergencies or the call of the President in times of crisis.

For sponsorship information or inquires, contact Kevin Wagner at LSU Sports Properties: kevinw@lsusp.com or (225) 578-2788